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Mailing list manager, too?

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Mailing list manager, too?
In a post from a while ago (2003?) you mentioned that you might be adding features to autoresponder that would allow it to be utilized as a mailing list manager. Any news on this?

We just started using Autoresponder for demo signups and follow-up marketing. It would be very useful if we could also create other lead lists from these original leads. FYI -- if they purchased the product they could be moved into a newsletter lead list....so they could get periodic updates & tech tips in HTML format from us. Or, on the other hand, if they didn't buy the product perhaps we could get back to them with another pitch or approach in the future.

The program is neat in that is has some great features and I like the automatic nature of it. Being able to manage the leads lists it creates with additional automated messages would make it even more useful.


Julie Clark
Insight Media Group