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bug in code

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bug in code
Hi there,

Don't know how I this error didn't come up during my first tests, but I found a bug when attempting to send emails:

in Glist.pm
sub check_limits {

if ( $num_sent >= $USER->{usr_limit_email30} ) {
$error = GList::language('SYS_OVERLIMIT_EMAIL30');
return 1;
return $num_sent;

If the $num_set value is also 1 then it returns 1 which is also an indication that the user has reached the limits when called from
Mailer.pm sub mli_send {...}

Just in case you didn't catch this one....


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Re: [klangan] bug in code In reply to
Hi Klangan,

Thanks for the feedback. This bug will be fixed in the next release version. For now, can you replace your code with the attached files. Let me know if the problem remains still.


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604: Sep 20, 2006, 1:11 PM
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Re: [604] bug in code In reply to
Hi, I think I found another bug, in a few places.

example: in User.pm line 235.

You do this:
# Get Administrator info
my $info;
my $admin = $db->get({ usr_type => LIMITED_USER });
if ($admin) {
$info->{admin_email} = $admin->{usr_email};

Shouldn't it do: usr_type =>ADMINISTRATOR

My password reminder notices are coming from one of my users. Not from the administrative user.

I noticed a couple of other places in the User.pm file where
my $admin = $db->get({ usr_type => LIMITED_USER });

I also noticed the sub user_validate exists twice as a sub routine. Is that right?

thought you should know.


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