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upset with g-list

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upset with g-list
i am upset because i spent a lot of money on this script, almost twice as much as others, and it does not have half as many features. i just visited
they offer:
1) Auto Info-Capture or Popup Email Capture
2)subscribe to your newsletter by simply sending a blank email to subscribe@yourdomain.com
3)RSD (Remote Subscribe Display) Code (ex: Our List Currently Has 81123 Subscribers! )
4) Followup Autoresponders

5)Anti Flame "Proof System"- If you ever have any angry subscribers that claim they never subscribed to your mailing list, just enter their address in the "Anti-Flame" proof box. This gives the entire IP feed, not just the address. If the subscriber reports you to your ISP or host, just copy that and paste it in an email to them, and that's definitive proof they indeed subscribed to your list.

can these features be added

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Alex: Dec 28, 2004, 11:19 AM
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Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion for features. A new version is in the works with more features, but I can't promise yet which ones will make it in.


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