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Filmen bug - critical! (User's section)

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Filmen bug - critical! (User's section)

There is a critical bug in the Fileman (user's management section)

1. in the "user management" section we have created more that 100 user's accounts. But in the user's administration view only 100 accounts scrolled. So the users with names starting from v.w.x.y.z are not editable because not appearing in the list.

Maybe give me a gint, how could I use the Get request to the fileman.cgi throug browser to edit the spetified user?

2. After initial user's creation (with defined "Access directories" value) during first user's logon this value disapears... So Administrator has to go in "user management" section again and edit the user's account by defining the "Access directories" again.


Thanks for help