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Not Installed Correctly

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Not Installed Correctly
Evidently I have not installed the script correctly because even though it is working, it is only showing the directory where fileman.cgi is located. That directory is in a subfolder of the cgi-bin folder. Where did I make a mistake, and how do I correct it to show all of the files, starting with the root (public_html). Thanks.
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Re: [poolmeister] Not Installed Correctly In reply to
Been a while since I used stand-alone Fileman, but have you checked the settings? It sounds like your root_path is set wrong. Afraid I'm not sure where the settings file is in Fireman, as I don't tend to use it, sorry.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Not Installed Correctly In reply to
Thanks for the response. I had actually thought that was the case after I had installed it, but it would not let me change the path. After reading your post, I tried it again and this time it worked. Thanks again.