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Viewing .mov files from ipad

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Viewing .mov files from ipad
Hi, just discovered fileman, and how easy it was to set up - cheers !

I have some .mov H264 files that I would like to view via my ipad.

I can browse to them, but instead of them being viewed as raw content, they do not open, nothing actually launches.

If I access them outside of fileman, i.e directly via http://xxx/movie.mov they play.

Presumably this is to do with the content type and the attachment setting in the download.

Is there a way to access them directly in the 'raw' ?

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Re: [Haloric] Viewing .mov files from ipad In reply to
hello,not all mov videos are friendly to iPad, but only H.264 / MPEG-4 encoding video in mov format is compatible with iPad. So this guide will show how to make it. And the most important step is to convert MOV to the right MOV (mpeg-4), mov (h.264) for ipad.
You can see this tutorial:
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Re: [john810] Viewing .mov files from ipad In reply to

Thanks for the heads up. I've actually been testing using JWPlayer with HTML 5, and then playing the movies as FLV and MP4 (so it will show on the ipod) .... just getting ffmpeg updated though, as seems like the older one doesn't work that well with ffmpeg :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Haloric] Viewing .mov files from ipad In reply to
You can download a Quicktime player , if it still doesn't work you can use a converter ,for example , I used a converter , that is so wonderful and professional . you can try this .